My UI/UX Design Experience…

I believe the user plays a central role in shaping and connecting our world for a better future.

Project: SaaS

XCAS unified platform

I have gained valuable experience in the Software as a Service (SaaS) product where I played a significant role in designing and building user-friendly interfaces, intuitive features and web-responsive architecture. I have also been involved in creating compelling content such as whitepapers and graphic elements to showcase the value and benefits of the SaaS offerings.

Whitepaper and other materials
Case Study 1

Familia Dental Clinic

Web and Mobile sales app for dentists that will monitor the clinic’s business revenue and activity in real-time, a cross-platform compatible app and a tool for patients to make appointments easy and a record keeper, while a website is up to engage users about their services.

Case Study 2


A mobile and web app for over-the-counter (OTC) medication that provides pieces of information about drug administration, store availability and location, drug facts, and a feature of a walk-in clinic directory that will help the audience to get immediate care should they need based on their location.